About Us

4/13/2016: We currently have various Chicks available, check out our Chicks page for more information.

Rindle Ridge Farm is a micro farm, located in the Town of Douglas, Massachusetts.

We started through the combined dream of myself, Typhani, and my dearest, Rudy. I wanted something I could do from home and he wanted self-sustainability. So we found a property with a barn, a few pastures, a rindle (which is a small gully) and a ridge, and together we started Rindle Ridge Farm in 2014.

Our first additions to the farm were one hundred Brabanter chicks which arrived in the dead of February. They were soon followed by Silver Gray Dorkings, Welsummers, and a handful of White Laced Red Cornish. We built brood boxes for them and kept them in our basement for what seemed an eternity, watching them grow big enough to throw out into the barn. We picked the best to breed, processed any roosters that weren't up to par, and allowed non-breeding hens to resume a life providing eggs for consumption. We tried really hard to keep everyone on grass in the hopes they would eat bugs and plants and live a life as close to freedom as we could provide. Of course this meant putting up new fencing and growing grass on a largely bald property. It was a lot of work! But it was well rewarded when over one hundred chickens were only eating a fourth of a bag of grain a day in the summer!

Since then we've added a few breeds here and there as well a couple extra species – Angora bunnies for wool, ducks for eggs, goats for future milk production, and maybe some heritage turkeys at some point. The sky is the limit! When we're not working directly with the animals I am usually writing, crafting, and creating, and Rudy is either working or trying to fulfill all the building needs we have here – new fences, new brood boxes, new roll away nest boxes, new barn doors, and even a cabinet incubator!

We don't know where this will all end up but it's been an absolute joy so far and it doesn't look like we'll be stopping anytime soon.